Mr. Lira's History Class

Welcome to Mr. Lira's History Site!

Everything you need to be successful in my class is on this site. I hope you enjoy it as this site was made just for you! Enjoy!

If you need to get a hold of me, my email is  Also, my phone number is 832-386-4700 if you also need to contact me via phone.

"Remind" will be used in this class to provide reminders for homework and important assignments.

PARENTS: Please DO NOT add yourself on this remind! Thank you!

Students ONLY are encouraged to sign up for this texting service. You can also access these reminders by clicking on the "Calendar" tab on this website.

Google Classroom Codes

Please check which class your student belongs to before joining. Thanks!

Period 1   wuibiea

Period 2   3gk4lfx

Period 3   3hnouf3 (History Alive)

Period 4   pher44i

Period 6   6tlwhdy

Period 7   pcimxoo

Period 8   3wnrkw5